Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ready 4 Anything Around Here!

It is impossible to fully appreciate the divinity of carbohydrates until one has spent time without them.
- Tammy Burton, June 28, 2011

Not that I have totally given up carbs in solidarity with my daughter, a practically Born Again Child since Saturday. My Dr. Pepper is my main carb/sugar intake now. All mothers need fuel and fixes! But my household is pretty much eating the same menu, with appropriate quantity and substitution shifting. I LOVE IT! Yes, from the time I kiss the kids goodnight, to the time that I get ready for bed, I am playing Lab Rat, practically 'playing with' a table full of food selections, and concocting the precise food portions or rather potions to keep Desty's ketones at a count of 160 morning and night.

This morning with my girl safely on her way to Rocky Mountain Day Camp (the most ROCKIN' DAY CAMP in the ANY universe) and my sickly Benny-boy at my side, Buck surprised me with gooey rich Brownie Mix atop Pancakes! Pure Heaven in my mouth. Thus, the comment above was born ;-)

Directly after this feast of divine manifestation via chocolate, we drove to the doctor. Let me clarify here....One day before Desty's admission to the hospital, Benny spiked a fever and couldn't keep anything down. This virus lasted four days. Then he had six days of health. Last night he became sick again with a completely different set of symptoms. Step Throat with a side of Parotitis, please.
REENACTMENT For Entertainment Purposes
My healthy child will pull in the driveway at any moment, and I will simultaneously scream, "MASK!!!" in a probable fruitless attempt to save Desty from Strep.

Antibiotics STAT!

Oh, for more comic relief from my day...
NURSE: Who takes care of him?
ME: III do...I am his MOM.
NURSE::  How do you take his temperature?
Me:  With a thermometer, by mouth. 
Nurse Ratched really had to think this through.


Ariell Larson said...

You totally rock! I love you Tammy! I can't believe all that you do. You totally amaze me. You have the luckiest kids ever when it comes to their Mom. I won't mention the unlucky side of things for now. None of that matters when they have a Mom like you. I know for you it has been hellish at times. But those kids adore you too. That makes up for a lot.
You're the best Sister!

lori said...

Never a dull moment! I hope Benny feels better/

Holly G said...

Ditto Ariell's comment. You always rock, Tammy.

Destiny Ann said...

Love you, girls!

Unknown said...

With a thermometer! Love it!!

Vanessa said...

You inspire me Tammy. I really love the sub text under the picture of Benny!