Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just Keepin' It Real, Dawwwg! A Rebirth With A New Birth

SURPRISE! The Boulder MomOnWheelZ is back, and ready to ROCK THIS BLOG! Warning: It may be a bit of a rocky start, as I live not the same life that I did 2/3/4 years ago when this was a
Fire Text -
site...I may lose some loyal readers of the past, with my Proud To Be A Single Mom Mantra, but as Austin Powers would say, "Hey Baby!" and Randy Jackson "Just Keeping It Real (Dawg)"! I had to include the "Dawg" at the end there because well...I just love it! ;-)

Speaking of babies, last night I became an Auntie (by Spirit, much stronger than Blood, in my book of Tammy Holies), and my kids have a younger cousin! (Oh my Gosh, after the newness wears off, I'm gonna have two jealous kids on my hands!)

Sophia Elif Yenginer, 8.2 lbs and 22 inches, a true beauty! I'm so happy for Chantee and all the fam, and I sooooo wish I could be there for her, like she was for me all ?? 2 times (wow! It seems like I delivered Benny three times - it took so long!)

How many of you are my Facebook Friends(aka my FF's)? - raise your hand. I have magical powers and I see you through your screen. I'm watchin' you! LOL as I type this, I wonder if old age (33, but feel in my 70's more frequently nowadays), divorce, single-parenting, work, unemployment, and very recently receiving full initiation into the Parents of Kiddos with Special Needs Club, has somehow jaded me? Hmmmm, yes, definitely.

I Came Out on Facebook about being "un-married" on Sunday, December 6th, 2010, six months after the split, 2.5 months after the big D. Every couple months, I'm reminded that not all of my FF's read my Proclamation to the World.

So, here's the Real Deal: This blog ain't gonna be about that. That is history that does not deserve reliving, and the why's really do not matter. I flunked almost every history class I ever took, so if you want history, don't look here. And, as most of my friend's know, drama does nada for me.

I, Tammy Ann, have ALOT to say about the Present!

From this post forth, this is MY blog about being the best MomOnWheelZ I can be, my thoughts, feelings, a place for me to brag, vent, and bring my friends (and future friends) along with Benny, Destiny, Tank, Buck and I on this incredible adventure most call "life".

What is a Buck, you ask? Bait to keep you coming back for more!

Some of it will be a nice, blissful go-to-bed-feeling-happy and refreshed read - you know, the type that gives you sudden brief giggles for the next hour or so. Some posts will leave you bleeding along with us, especially as we get to know Dravet, and make room for the Wicked Monster in our little family. And some posts will make your shrink a very rich person.

Are you excited? Hang On Tight - This is a Scrambler with no emergency Shut-Off Switch!

This is my family.

This is my family all naturallll.

Hold your questions please!


Allison said...

Welcome back cute lady! I've missed you :)

Allison said...
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Elizabeth said...

So glad to see your blog back, Tammy! Since I don't do facebook, I'm grateful for this other way to be back in the loop about what's going on in you, Benny, Destiny, and Tank's lives!

Destiny Ann said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I know I'm not good at emails....

Aleaza said...

Tammmmmyyyyy!!! you are amazing. I am excited to read your blog. you keep truckin' (dawg), we'll be watchin' :)