Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Tired Boy With Double Cowlicks

I LOVE THIS VIDEO CLIP!!  It completely captured Tired Benny, Reserved Benny, Excited Benny and Mischievous  - all in 3.5 minutes.

Following his Failed Attempt to take him on a bike ride to avoid bedtime, we watched this clip together.   He immediately burst out
And then he asked if he could grow his hair out like mine. 
I quickly explained that little boys and little girls that choose to have long hair are also choosing to comb or brush AND wash their hair.  Tomorrow's destination: Our Neighborhood Great Clips.

It was a tough day around here ladies and gents.  I contemplated whether to go with a funny or deep post tonight, and decided to just let Benny offer the entertainment...the world just isn't ready for my depth after a day like today.  Yes, Desty's okay as I type this...the more we get to know her seizure syndrome, however, the more I must adjust to being okay with the Unknown...for those of you that know me well, you know that I naturally fight against the Unknown.

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Allison said...

cute clip! listening to you makes me miss you. Wish we could get our kids together for a play date! Maybe someday!