Friday, June 24, 2011

The Beginnings of a Keto Mom

"This is Sad, and Sick, and Wrong. This is Destiny's lunch for tomorrow. It's chicken, cheese and olive oil...Tasty!"
Home from the hospital, we prepped Desty's meals for tomorrow.  I tried my best to make up for this grotesque entree buy buying Popsicle Molds, filling them with her 46grams of 40% Heavy Whipping Cream and fake sweetener, and freezing them for Breakfast and Snack.


Daweena said...

Poor little girl

Robin said...

I would love to say something positive about the meal - can't think of a thing! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Tammy! I'm a friend of Annette, who directed me to your blog. I've been a keto mom for a decade, off and on, and really, it gets much better! I have some great resources and ideas I can share with you once you get used to the measuring drudgery and feel adventurous enough to start inventing Destiny's meals yourself.
(I'm pretty uncomfortable with sharing information about my family on a public blog, though - perhaps I'm just too old for the whole social media concept. Maybe you could ask Annette for my email or maybe it will come up as a question in this comment process.)
Hang in there! -Sara