Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dear Wheelchair Maker

I recently finished the most comprehensive wheelchair evaluation imaginable through Assistive Technology Partners in Denver. After four two-hour visits (it usually takes one or two visits, but what can I say? I'm complicated!) my H3 is finally being ordered. Yaaaaay! The pessimist about these things that I am, I think it'll be the most costly birthday (end of March) present I've ever received! - Or want to receive, for that matter!

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook today, and I do believe, I done missed my mark with my eval! ;-)


Dustin said...

My favorite Quotes:
"Occasionally, I like to go up to the crows nest to get a better view."

"It would be both embarrassing and dangerous if my chair fell apart and was dropped in the ocean."

"...I go bridge swinging in South Africa."

Destiny Ann said...

Someone has dinero....and it's not us!

JTP said...

awesome video :) does remind me of Tammy and the crew. (Marriage and kids is at least as extreme as bridge swinging or paragliding ;)