Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing....The Colorado ROCKETS!

My Power Soccer virginity was lost abruptly on March 8th of this year. It is Robin who got me into this, funny, that woman gets me into all kinds of things. She urged me to attend something called a Power Soccer clinic right here in Boulder.

My pertinent adaptive sports background…..

I thought Robin was nuts, and it would be da-ja-vue of my fairly isolating adolescence. I would go to these adaptive sports camps, and be completely left out, as all of the older folks with six packs and groovy sports chairs shot baskets, played racketball, tennis, softball, etc., and even battled it out at rugby. Nobody really wanted me to be there, I was pretty useless to the other players and the coaches, and I needed to be fed and helped in the restroom, etc. I should mention here that, in reality, power wheelchair users are generally excluded from these wheelchair sports, expecially in competition. Why did I go to this camp if it was emotional torture? Two reasons:

1) I did not want to sit at home all summer, and it was either go to this yearly sports camp or attend this other day camp where I could become skilled at watching people make crafts for me and a skilled movie-watcher, and go on ridiculously boring field-trips.
2) I am naturally competitive (LOLOL) and a perfectionist and really truly wanted to play a sport! DAMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
It gets even sadder. As summer approached, and each night during these sports camps, I would fantasize that magic was just waiting for me, that I’d show up on the court and VWALA, I would be able to kick some wheelchair ass! This was my life for years…Until I was old enough and smart enough to give up on sports altogether.

But in 2001, I discovered individual sports, such as rafting, horseback riding, skiing, swimming, and cycling. I often dis Utah, a personal hobby, but I do have to give it up for two awesome organizations – SPLORE and the National Ability Center. I became a serious jock in my own right!

End of background!

I was curious, and Robin’s cool, so I decided ‘what the hey, we can be isolated together’. I am rolling with laughter as I type this! It was Robin and I, and two other peeps in powerchairs, ripping the court up playing soccer! IT WAS US!!!!!!!!!! Not the guys in the sports chairs with the six packs. WE WERE PLAYING A COMPETIVE TEAM SPORT! Basically, if you can drive a power wheelchair and track the ball, you can play this sport independently! Whatta concept!!!!!!

Okay, well, we gave playing our best shot that day! Robin, who used to play on a team, and the coach that Boulder brought in for the clinic from the Bay Area, knew what they were doing. Myself, and two other players, just tried to make contact with the ball without ramming each other too badly. It was incredibly frustrating for me because I had never even seen a regular soccer game, and my chair was not programmed with the best settings to play.

Nonetheless, I saw potential!

And my mission began!

My mission: To bring Power Soccer to the Colorado!

Yesterday was the Colorado ROCKETS first practice, and let me tell ya’all…WE KICKED SOME MAJOR BALL!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) It was such fun for all involved! Truly, practice was better than I ever dreamed it could be, because of the individual skill and drive that each player brought to the court! We have an incredible blend of both talent and personality in our midst, and the Colorado ROCKETS are destined for blast-off! Six strong players is an unbelievable start to making this a big-time deal. We have the best volunteers ever supporting us!


Just one week ago, we had just two guards, two balls and three dates for the court. Yesterday we had six guards (four of which were made by a volunteer!), and fourteen dates for the court. And by next practice, we will have nine guards and four balls, and I’m expecting perhaps eight players!


Check out the many faces of Colorado ROCKETS......... click on pic to enlarge/slow down

A finalized practice schedule is below. If you know anyone in Colorado who might be interested in Power Soccer, please have them e-mail me!

Autumn 2008 Dates

- Oct 5th 3-5PM Sun

- Oct 19th 3-5PM Sun

- Nov 2nd 2-5PM Sun

- Nov 22nd 2-5PM Sat

- Dec 6th 3:30-5:30PM Sat

- Dec 20th CXL'D

Winter/Spring 2009 Dates

- Jan 11th 5-8PM Sun

- Jan 25th 5-8PM Sun

- Jan 11th 5-8PM Sun

- Jan 25th 5-8PM Sun

- Feb 1st 5-8PM Sun

- Feb 15th 5-8PM Sun

- March 1st 5-8PM Sun

- March 15th 5-8PM Sun


Mari said...

Wow!! You guys ROCK -- or is it ROLL!!

Can we come watch you practice?

Arms around,


Unknown said...

You Rock AND You Roll!!! Way to kick that ball's A!!!
I can't wait to see a game!

Dustin said...

I can see the inspirational film now (at least in my head)!


I was really surprised with the turnout and the enthusiasm last Sunday. I must admit I was quite skeptical the entire week leading up to the first practice. Perhaps part of my skepticism is because I saw the Power Soccer workshop last March with only 4 participants.

It's really amazing the difference a week of hard work makes. The Sunday before this first practice it really didn't look like this was going to happen but with everyone so excited and committed, now it doesn't look like there is any stopping the Colorado Rockets. I'm interested to see where the rocket is heading.


Congratulations Colorado Rockets for Blasting off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

This looks FANTASTIC!! Will you be posting all schedules (games)on your blog? what an inspiration to everyone! Good luck, but more importantly...HAVE FUN!

Destiny Ann said...

THANKS Billie! Yes, all schedules will be posted here. It is SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

PS Do I know you yet? are you in CO? Do you wanna play?