Sunday, September 14, 2008

ADAPT Action Day 1: Traveling and Illegal Wading

We're in the Nation's Capitol - Washington D.C.! We left our home yesterday at 5:30a.m. mountain time, and checked in at ~4pm eastern time. I could have kissed the floor at the Holiday Inn! The kids were great on the flights, but it was a loooong time to travel. I was exhausted. Dustin was charged! We went to the national mall and did some illegal wading at the World War II Memorial on the way to Lincoln's Memorial. We saw other people doing it :-)!

Once done, we saw the sign! LOL Memories!

Check out photos from Day 1...


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it OK! You had the energy to go up the Mall! Save a little for the action. We hope the weather is kind to you all. FREE OUR PEOPLE! NOW!

Julie and Lowell, Boulder Coloradicals

Destiny Ann said...

LOLOL Dustin dragged me! He has the political fever!