Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ADAPT Action Day 3: DUH City, the Hunt and Desty's Improv Show

Monday morning began very early for Dustin and I – 2:15a.m. to be exact! At 3:30a.m Dustin tucked the kiddos into their charriot and by 4:15a.m. we were marching the streets of D.C.! Not a very long march, HUD, aka DUH City, is conveniently located just two blocks from our hotel. Desty was out cold, but as tired as Benny was, he wasn’t going to miss the first parade of the week!

For the sake of not re-inventing the wheel here, to understand the technicalities of exactly what we did and why, check out this little video or the DUH City Times, and also see Desty's debut. I will say that I have been on nine actions since 1998, and this was truly an amazing experience. The plaza outside of HUD became our home in minutes, right before our eyes tent city became a reality.

Some of the ADAPT kids had found each other by the second hour!

DUH City is like a huge powwow, with press conferences, concerts, theatre, and incredible unity and power. Occupied 24 hours a day Monday thru Wednesday – the Burton’s have the day shift! An album from Monday........

The day was perfect! That is until ~6p.m. when we noticed a Boulder ADAPTer was lost in D.C. and probably needed his medication. Ugh! With no idea of where to look, I combed the National Mall and all around DUH City by myself. I went right past a hold-up in my search. Finally, Tim and I got the police searching, and not long after they found the guy lost in China Town. He is a wanderer. Twenty-two hours after the police and medics returned him, I’m fighting frustration and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I'm just glad he is okay...not that I don't wanna kill him myself! My stomach is in a knot.

And that is the reason this post is a day late!

Today, though I’m exhausted, etc., was an absolutely fabulous day! More tomorrow…….

I can't bring myself to publish without including this video from tonight! (LOLOL We didn't bother with a hair-do today!)


Mari said...

Justin would be SOoooooo proud of you and your family. I know Yoshiko is. And is in love with you all too. She told me so in a long email today.

LEAD ON Burton family!

Arms around,


Anonymous said...

Go Desty Go! Love from your friend Laura!

Anonymous said...

The kids really steal the show! All of our ADAPT Kids!