Friday, September 12, 2008

Fishes Of Our Own

On Tuesday, Desty swam for the first time in the big kids class! Mom and Dad were very anxious, but our princess was a STAR! She listened, and had a blast. She looked so big to me!

Benny swam on Wednesday...(the guy is in training)

The next time I post, we will be in Washington DC! Benny packed himself days ago.........I must go pack! LOL


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip to DC! Go Benny go. We always love your blog updates and all the pictures and videos. Sometimes it sure makes me miss seeing you though. Love ya lots!! T&D

Mari said...

Have a wonderful, triumphant trip to D.C! We'll be with you in spirit.

When you get back we'll take the all the kids for a dip.

Arms around!


mark said...

Have a great time in D.C.! We'll be with you guys in spirit...Mark