Thursday, July 17, 2008

This One's For The Girls

Just up from a nap, Desty briefs me on her nightmare. A big red scary monster stole her baby doll, and then I run him over with my chair and saved her baby. This clip is barely audible but with your volume maxxed, you can make out some of Desty's description. (Notice my accounting book in the background)

It is a fact that kids are a source of great entertainment. My daughter, given the time to express herself, can provide hours of non-stop story-telling, and does so with so much pure animation that I'm torn between A) She has the natural ability to take us to Hollywood, or B) She's delusional and I should be seeking professional help for her. Unfortunately (and very fortunately sometimes!) for her, Destiny is the second child and is frequently compared to her big, intense, ambitious brother, who is very aware of the world around him. It is sooooooo interesting to see the two of them interact. Desty is artistic, doesn't give much thought to the world, and allows her imagination to drive her wild!

No doubt, Desty is the daughter I dreamed of having (on the rare days I ventured to go there). Desty is super smart in select areas, and she chooses those areas very carefully. She's a tricky one too. For example, we had been singing our family theme song for two weeks, and Desty showed no interest in learning it. Instead she'd dance around the living room, or carry her little piano over to accompany us. Then one day outta nowhere, she ran into the living room and shouted, "Mommy, Daddy! Let's sing the Unconditional song!" Destiny proceeded to sing the entire chorus a cappella style. I was stunned! But that is definately how she works with most things.

Oftentimes I actually think she plays a little dumb, so not to compete with Benny. When we are one on one, she let's it all out. She seems to have what I call "Baby-itis" - she professes she wants to stay little and be a baby. In fact, I'm sure she'd be potty-trained if not for this. We're not ready to push her just yet.

This past month, she has really pefected her role as Miss Drama Princess! We joke about this but it is the truth - Desty is acting hormonal. Can two and a half year olds have PMS?!? We'll be eating dinner and suddenly...a piercing scream, followed by a tearful uncontrollable cry. "What is wrong? What happened?" we ask. "BENNY LOOKED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" and then more hurt feeling crying. She'll carry five dolls around the house and if one falls, WATCH OUT! LOL

The newest mad Desty screams and cries, throws everything, pulls everything from her dresser and repeatedly slams her bedroom door. Unless she is going out with mom, or going to gymnastics or swimming, she requests to stay at home. And now I ask, anyone want to board her in eight more years, until she's at least 15 years????????????? :-) (Laura, I have you down!)

You'd never believe my little angel had it in her!

My girl - happy or momentarily heart-broken - makes my heart sing and I'm sure proud to be her mommy!


Dustin said...

In case you can't tell - in a picture above, Destiny is sitting on a Pig Statue.
We were at a park in Thornton while Benny was in his music class. Destiny is wearing her gymnastic outfit from earlier in the day.
She insisted on sitting on the pig but we didn't think the pig's smooth back and Desty's slippery leotard were a good match - so she's sitting on the pig's nose!

Dustin said...

One of Destiny's recent treasures is the pair of Groovy Blue Glasses she got from Mee-maw on our last trip to Utah (Benny has a green pair). Mee-maw said they didn't cost much but they sure are valued by Desty! Recently, she has even begun sleeping with them like her stuffed animals, dolls and bunny blanket. We may need to purchase some back up pairs!

Destiny Ann said...

I should add that I think her very small size contributes to Desty's "baby-itis"!

Unknown said...

Destiny your beautiful the way you are and we will take you until you are eighteen and 11/12ths.
We miss you and Benny and your Mom and Dad
Julie and Lowell

Anonymous said...

Well, I think she has star potential myself. The camera loves her! You have beautiful kids!