Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Family Theme Song

Do'in the Best We Can
Elaine Kolb 1987

Dustin and I discovered this song last month as a small group of ADAPTers gathered around Elaine Kolb to sing with her at the close of ADAPT's 25th Anniversary Celebration. It was great! - She passed out copies of the lyrics and we all sang along!

Do'in the Best We Can

Well, I just want you to know
You can be yourself with me
I like you just the way you are
And I don’t expect perfection
So I hope you understand
While we both will make some big mistakes
We’re do’in the best we can.

Have you noticed lots of people
Try to live in fantasy
And they have their own ideas
Of how they think you ought to be
And they don’t know much about giving
But they sure know how to take
So, if you’d like to try some sharing
Let’s be friends, for heaven’s sake.


To be honest, I can’t promise
That I always will be fair
Or that when you think you need me
That I always will be there
And I know that you can’t give me
Everything I may desire
And yet, together we share our music
In a universal choir.


There are times we feel so desperate
That we don’t know where to turn
At the end of our rope, we tie a knot
And, eventually, we learn
If we simply just hang in there
And do our best, with love
Then, the answers come within us
All around us, and from above.


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