Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Activity Blast-Off

Monday was the official start of summer for my family. For Mom, it felt more like a space shuttle blast-off! The day’s activities began with Benny’s Tumble Bear gymnastics class at Airborne Gym in Longmont. Last summer he took the Toddler Bears tumbling in which Dustin and I participated, but this is different. Benny is on his own, accompanied by two instructors and about nine preschoolers. I was honestly a little worried about him being wild and out of control in such an exciting setting, but my child astonished me. Benny was amazing, and, in fact, a leader. This is something he has begged to do since the first mention of summer approaching – he initiated it, and I believe he is very confident in his choice!

We decided to put Desty in Toddler Bears. She's a performer, dancing around in her own little cute world. We figured she’d either love the class, or ignore everyone and do her own thing. We also think she could use a little structured time around other tots in an environment where she could perform. Her class is right after Benny’s, so, unfortunately I don’t get to participate or watch, because I’m off with Benny. Here’s what Dustin has to say about his little girl’s first gymnastics class: ”Destiny was bouncing with enthusiasm. She wore her little pink gymnastics outfit all day. During the class she raced through the activities, meeting each new experience with a smile and two quick feet!” Unfortunately, he forgot it should’ve been a Kodak moment ;-)~

While Destiny and Daddy were jumping, bouncing, balancing on beams, doing forward rolls, and other assorted activities, Mommy and Benny went exploring! I must say, I have a new-found respect for Longmont, Colorado. Not two blocks west of the gym, we discovered an adventure goldmine: Fairgrounds Park and Lake and the St. Vrain Greenway! We were having so much fun “hiking” and discovering fascinating rocks, trails, ducks, bridges, birds, following a creek, and planning for next week’s picnic, we lost track of time and had to race back in time to meet Desty and Daddy.

After lunch, Benny went to his first private music lesson. LOLOL This lesson takes place in Thornton, Colorado, approximately 20 miles from here. Not just any teacher, Jen is married to a guy who I have known since he was ~10 years old and I ~12 years old. Joe and I had an odd sort of semi-sibling love/hate (unfortunately mostly hate!) thing going on as older teens when I lived with his family for awhile. But opening day of Elitch Gardens ‘til closing day, we seemed to find sudden value for each other! ;-) Music is important to me, and if anyone can creatively help our kids find love for music, it’s someone in Joe’s family. Benny came out of his lesson just beeming and could hardly wait to share his music work folder with us. Quite a change from the “I did nothing” report after a day of preschool! Later, I asked him if he liked his teacher, and he all he said was: “I love her!” And for that, I love her! And tonight, when we sung our family theme song, Benny really tried to sing.

Mondays are our big day this summer. On Tuesday mornings here in Boulder, Benny has survival swimming and on Thursday mornings, Desty does. I like my home - home is stable, secure and a great place to play and learn. But in my situation I use activities to supplement what I'm not able to teach them. Obviously, I don't want them singing like I sing, and I'm not a great example of coordination. I love the fact that both my kids can swim and/or potentially save themselves in a water accident, where I probably couldn't save them. Dustin is my hero and a great father, but he's not a natural at teaching the kids to do active things...He never played sports or music...his hobbies are reading, writing and baking. He handles the baking and lit lessons, the family weeding and he's the expert fake tent maker, and I head the music and sports committee. In the house, we play "knee soccer", otherwise, I take Benny to the ball field and drive my chair around kicking the ball as Benny runs. I have a friend who likes to play ball with him in our backyard. So I supplement creatively. If I could do more things, I'd probably do them at home and save lots of money! With deep discounts and commitment, though, it works for us!


Dustin said...

Hey, I just checked your blog and found I was the 100th hitter! Congratulations!

Destiny Ann said...

Thank you! We are an interesting bunch, aren't we?!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun summer. I am looking forward to some beach time this summer. I love the ocean.

We have a park by the river that is slowly starting to get developed. You can still find the odd bunny hopping about and see the geese waddling around.

Your family is awesome!

people a dogs best friend said...

WoW! You all make me tired!! hahaha!! your kids are just so cute Tammy. some of our grandkids were here this week and it was a blast, I hate it when they leave to go back home. Looks like you are having a great start to summer. I love looking at your pics. You are an awesome family!!