Saturday, July 19, 2008

More About Summer Activities

It amazes me how our family song has taken! The kids sing the chorus over and over again, and when we are out rollin' about, they sing it as long as they can. If you visit our home, be prepared to be handed a sheet of music and sing along! LOLOL I love the song but it's beginning to drive me bonkers! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You too?! lol

On the topic of music, Benny continues to love his lessons. He knows the notes and the counts and some of the keys. A few months ago, my friend asked me if I wanted her piano, and narrow-sighted at the time, I turned her offer down. Oh how I kick myself! We're looking at electric pianos on Craigslist, and until we find one that we can afford, we're borrowing an awesome keyboard from yet a different artistic amigo. Who knows! - Maybe I will be publishing a concert someday! Or not! Okay I confess! - I am one of those mothers who hopes her house will be full of music!

Last Saturday we went to see "Pete the Pirate", a comedy, music, puppet and magic show at our local library. Whoda thought something so silly could keep a crowd roaring for so long?!

Summer is the best! Benny and Desty are enjoying their wading pool and makeshift water slide - we use this as a reward for taking their naps, and thus far it's been an ingenious summer parenting technique! Come October...well, we'll come up with something!

Dustin and I discovered Survival Swimming at Infant Aquatics in May 2007. We were looking for swimming lessons that would teach the kids to swim independently and teach water safety. This is important to me perhaps moreso as a mom with a disability, who'd be unable to react quickly in an accident. Of course, just because they have the skills, doesn't mean their safety is guaranteed, but it does significant improve their odds if they fall into a pool or even a lake. The first skill they learn is the float. The kids learn to get to a float from any position. It's not the "throw, sink or swim" lessons you may be imagining...


Hi Everyone, this is Dustin filling in while Tammy does her awful, terrible, horrendous Accounting homework. Infant Aquatics is really amazing! It's real cool to see babies swimming and floating! Yes, at first the lessons are not fun! In the beginning the babies or kiddos go 4 days a week for 10 mins a day; since they were just getting used to the water they were rather scared and they couldn't eat much before swimming. OK that's the end of Not Fun! Now that Benny and Destiny can swim they love swimming lessons! They go once a week for a 30 minute Fun Day to keep up on their skills. All week, every day we hear "When is my swimming day?". Last week Destiny missed her lesson because she wouldn't go to bed the night before and couldn't wake up in time. Today Destiny and I went swimming and she did the best swimming I've seen her do in a long time! She didn't want to take a break even for the group activity of "Motor Boat". Destiny is the oldest in her group called "Aqua Babies", where a parent goes with the child in a fun group. Usually, I'm the only dad but today there were 3 dads and 3 moms. This fall Desty will be swimming without me with a group of other kids and a teacher. It will be interesting to see how she does since as any of you who know her know - she is not quite so good at listening and following directions as Benny. We've kept her in "Aquababies" as long as we could but now she'll just have have to adjust - I'm sure she'll do better than a fish out of water. Infant Aquatics has great instructors - the kids love 'em and they really know what they're doing.

If the kids are supposed to be waiting on the platform, you can bet Benny is hanging or swimming off the side, practicing his skills and/or massaging his confidence. I'll post a clip of Desty swimming soon!

And then there's gymnastics which we all love! Since I've written about gymnastics in past posts, I'll leave it at that...


Dustin said...

Note: the descriptors of "Awful", "Terrible", and "Horrendous" were added to my little portion by Tammy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I knew how to swim. I am having fun living vicariously through your musical vacation. :-)

The great thing is my dad played guitar, my mom the piano so we always had music and were singing.