Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Week As Seen On BlogSpot

Burton News Flashes:

1) Benny started Sunflower Preschool Camp and loves it! He goes M, W and F from 8:30a.m. - 12:30p.m. for one more week to learn the ropes, takes a two week break, and then officially starts at Sunflower Preschool on September 2nd, and goes Monday - Friday, same time. His favorite activities so far consist of working (transferring water and sand from pales, etc and making ditches) in the GIANT SANDBOX, working at the water tables, playing in the wading pool and running through the sprinkler, building huge cities with real wooden blocks with the other boys, painting and finding large plastics insects all over the outdoor classroom and inquiring, "WHAT IS THIS??" He went on his first fieldtrip to the park on Friday and loved it. Monday was hard on his Mama - I was just dying to pick him up by 11:30, but I was good and waited! ;-)

2) I hired not one, but two of the candidates I had interviewed the week before to be my Personal Care Assistants! Amy started on Monday, and I think she'll be fabulous; Ashley, I believe will start regularly the Saturday after next, and I'm sure she'll be wonderful to have around - yo quiero mucho! Amy was indoctrinated in disability rights straight away, as we attended a union organizing meeting for attendants/PCA's on Wednesday (a complex, highly controversial blog entirely of it's own!)

3) Dustin became an Amazon Marketplace seller, donating proceeds from "Zoom!" and "A Rainbow of Friends" to Boulder ADAPT. If you want copies, he'll give 'em to you cheaper!

4) We bought (actually paid for by someone else!) a very snazzy and durable Bob double jogging stroller - a definite highlight of our week! It's light enough for me to handle very short distances, when needed. Before moving here, we bought a used dual Gozo stroller, and it got sooo much use, the metal frame broke in June. I have been the jogging stroller ever since!

5) Our FUN RUN was fuuuuuuuuuun! Our family combined ran/rolled 14 laps for Freedom! I think members have raised ~$500.00 in two days, and we expect more donations in the mail soon. We have ~1/3 the money needed for the September action in DC, but we miiiiiiiight actually make it! YAAAY!!!! I'll know more next weekend! I'm about to teach Desty to pout and say "but I'm only 1 and a half!" for free airfare! LOLOL She's saying "I'm two and three quarters!"

6) Do I really wanna graduate?

Better Than Late Night Entertainment

Yes, we love to match!

Nature Anyone?

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Ooh, cool! Looking forward to seeing you in DC!