Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Blogger's World! and Benny Moment

Typically, I would not post twice in one day, however, I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!

Many good things have come about from The Life and Times of a Mom On WheelZ! I have reconnected with many old friends, which means a great deal to me. We have printed each post and created journals for the kids. Many people have thanked me, as through this blog friends are able to learn so much about me and us, that they'd otherwise never know. I love those e-mails! It means that this blog means something to someone more than myself, and that it's working...People are being touched, entertained, and maybe even a little bit enlightened. That is cool; that was my point in creating this silly blog.

One of my favorite things about this blog is this: My readership is truly ecclectic - friends and readers from every point on the continuum read and comment. They, at either end, may not agree with everything they read, sometimes I will get under their skin, but hopefully they will come back again and have a completely different experience!

THAT is the sign of a great blog, in my opinion. So far, so good.

Let me tell you a couple other cool cyber-related things that have happened in my life this week...

I'm on this Boulder Mommy listserv, and to make a verrrrrrry long story short, I was sick of mommy's being judgemental of other mommy's, and posted about my sins as an imperfect mommy, and called for an end to, basically, mommy elitism. My "call" ain't gonna change crap with all the estrogen permeating thru the life of this group; in fact, it was simply my estrogen working at it's best! Whatever you wanna call it, my post drew several good responses from other "sinful mommies", and perhaps I even made one or two imperfect mommy friends! I may start a listserv, Boulder's Sinful Moms, for those of us that do two or more of the following:

  1. Make kids sleep in their own bed

  2. Let kids have binkies

  3. Let kids watch *some* TV shows

  4. Do not purposefully sicken kids with Chicken Pox

  5. Vaccinate kids

  6. Let kids cry it out

  7. Have kids that have tantrums (LOL No joke!)

  8. Breastfed for 1 year or less

  9. Use store-bought diapers

  10. Dress kids in standard fabric clothing, and feed kids with standard kid diningware

  11. Take kids to fastfood Playlands

  12. Use strollers

  13. Use bouncy-seats, swings, etc.

  14. Don't eat all organic

  15. Work

  16. Sneak to Wally World once in awhile to save dough

  17. Get tired

  18. Need breaks and leave kids with sitters or family

I'm sure the list could go on. Note my sarcasm on the issue. No, I actually get lots of good ideas, recommendations, etc., from the Boulder Mommy listserv - I just hate the "my way is supreme, and I'm a better mom than you" attitudes. LOL My original point being I seemed to reach out to, and in the end after more communication, educate folks by posting.

And today I received this e-mail:


I am a member of a kids group called Heights Kids Group in Houston, TX. I recently posted a comment on the HKG website asking if there was anyone out there who was parenting with a physical disability. The only response came from someone who reads your blog. She gave me your email and the link to your husband's book recommendations on Amazon. I am interested in reading your blog. Can you send me the link?

Thank you.

Thank you to all my readers for your support!

As a final thought...I am short and fat (and trying to be proud of it!) When I sit on my knees at home - I'm kinda like a big beach ball ;-) Benny was hugging me, sitting in my lap today, and out of nowhere, he says, "Mommy, you are just the right size!" I asked, "What?!" and he said it again. I thanked my boy, and asked him to go tell his Daddy!!! LOLOL


Niffer said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture! Isn't it amazing how kids just seem to be in tune with your needs? As parents it's expected that we attend to the needs of our kids, but rarely do we hear about how our kids do the same for us. When I first moved back to CO and was having a hard time finding a job, I got a call from an interview saying I didn't get the job. I ended up crying, and Lorielle got really silent and handed me her most cherished Bun-Bun. My heart melted.

Anonymous said...

I see lots of those Mother Superiors here in Philly. They treat their children like little adults and force feed them organic stuff all the time.