Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Before/After Preschool and.....the VOTE!

Benny went to Sunflower Preschool this morning looking like this:
And 4 hours later when I picked him up, he was a.....

HOLY LION!!! YAY FOR SUNFLOWER PRESCHOOL!!! (applause please!) Today wasn't even his day to attend but we have a scheduling conflict on Friday, so today was his lucky day!

Today was Primary Election Day for Colorado. Introducing...........
The Three Amigos VOTERS

Dustin, Lowell and I celebrate voting!



Anonymous said...

Love the shirt Dustin!

Dustin said...

Yeah. I think my shirt is pretty clever and I got it for $3.25 or so on clearance at Target, but the election officials at my poling place weren't too thrilled with it. They were gonna make me take my clothes off until they realized the shirt contained both a Smart Ass and a Dumb Elephant. Apparently there is a Colorado law that you can not politicize in any way within 100 ft of a poling place. They said cars in the parking lot can't even have a political bumper sticker on them. I asked if this was a new thing they said "No, it's always been like this" I asked why there were people right outside the Feb. 5th caucus giving out literature for Obama and they said "well, that was a caucus but this is the real thing". I guess I was under the impression that a Caucus is a real thing too. Anyway, I promised I would not wear my shirt or anything with a political message to the elections this fall.
The candidates I voted for today lost. I beginning to think I am a curse! So, my condolances to all Democrats I have voted for today and in the past - Best of luck in your futures outside of politics!

Destiny Ann said...

Are you my Smart Ass, Babe?!?!

Destiny Ann said...

FORGET IT!! Don't answer that question!!! :-)*

mark said...

Hey Dustin the shirt is great ;-)