Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fundraising Marathon

***If you were referred to this blog by Boulder ADAPT activists, WELCOME! You may want to check out these previous posts: Boulder ADAPT, Awesome Footage and Creedo for Support.


WHATTA WEEK!!!!!!!! Boulder ADAPT has been doing a fundraising marathon since last Friday. Seven straight days of soliciting to the generous patrons of our local grocery store. Seven days, or 14 hours to be precise! We raised $902.00 all together and easily educated over 1,000 people. The engaging discussions made up for the moments of discomfort. We live in a truly wonderful community!

Dustin catches folks interest with his natural salesmanship and his passion for the cause

I choose a different approach since I talk pretty slow..."Hi! How are you today?! Have a great day!" and if they gave me a few seconds, "We are trying to raise money to go to Washington DC........". If they took info, I was thrilled!

Other Boulder ADAPTers helped throughout the week, making this fundraising marathon a huge success!

As of today, THE BURTON's WILL BE AT THE ADAPT ACTION IN SEPTEMBER! We purchased the airfare tickets early this morning for just $242 per ticket - not too bad! Now, all we hafta do is raise enough for the second half of the room fee - ~$700 more to go! Just shoot me!!! ;-) Nah, it shouldn't be that hard, as we have others raising $ too.

Now for a laugh......Okay, the fundraiser definitely took a toll on my mind! Here are my ideas for our next fundraiser.

You Decide!

Fundraising Idea #1: I hear that if you donate $5 to the Hillary campaign, you can be entered in a drawing to win a dinner with her, because she "wants to hear your ideas about America!" We can make it work for us.........Donate $10 to Boulder ADAPT, and a member will come to your house for a home-cooked meal that you prepare, because we want to hear your ideas about disability related issues (and we're tired of mac 'n cheese!)

Fundraising Idea #2: Selling "Alien Sighting" photos for $15/each. Get 'em before the government confiscates them!

My next post will be on a completely different subject, rest assured!

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