Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Fun Happenings Despite Difficult Times

The Sunday before last, we had home school with big brother, Benny. It was our big butterfly lesson.

We first transferred our Cocoons from their jar to their Butterfly Habitat net.

We then glued butterfly coloring sheets onto construction paper, cut the butterflies out, painted half, folded it symmetrically and VWALA! We had symmetry!

We then drew symmetrical lines down our faces!

We also created butterfly life cycles!

We had such a neat learning experience! Benny points out symmetry all over the place now.

After two and a half weeks of raising our butterflies from larva, it was time to release them to the world. This was Destiny's job, and she did awesomely! Watch this video...

Benny went on a 3-day, 2-night field trip to Keystone Science School with his class.

He had a wonderful experience and came home talking up a storm! He couldn't really remember what he learned but he definitely remembered hiking for nine straight hours (LOL - Ya Right!) and all of the fun games he played with his friends! Oh my goodness! - the child REEKED something fierce upon his return! YUCK!

Many of you know that our family has had a difficult few weeks. Destiny's cold triggered the progression of her Dravet Syndrome and we spent much time in Urgent Care and Children's Hospital.

Today, though, we went to Watercolor Wednesday at World of Wonder Children's Museum and had a great time! Pics!...

Tomorrow evening I will have Wi-Fi back at our house, making blogging much easier! YAY!!

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