Friday, September 9, 2011

Field Trips and Girls Basketball

We went on a family field trip yesterday morning to our local fire department. Seriously, it may be one of the best things we've ever done - it could not have been a more meaningful experience for each of us.
I laugh...and I cry...Three of the five firemen on duty knew my sweet Little Destiny!

The firefighters/EMT's were incredible wonderful to give each of us what we needed.

Destiny spent nearly the entire hour in the Ambulance, getting familiar with all the gadgets, and doing a bit of play therapy in there. She also learned about calling 9-1-1.

Benny got recognition for being the Super Big Brother, and too often, usher for the firemen when they arrive at our house. He was all over every vehicle, asking very complex questions about each and every tool.  He soaked it all up like a sponge!

I was able to present a clear picture of who we are — HAHAHA - when we're not in crisis mode, give them (and even dispatch) valuable information about our needs, and also ease some of my concerns.


Before going, we created the following (very cute!) list of ten questions:
1) Do you really have a dog here? (no, but they're working on convincing the chief! ;-)
2) Do you have a family? (yes, they are just regular guys...48hr shifts)
3) Do you ever feel afraid? (yes)
4) Do you ever help the policemen? (Quite often)
5) Why do firemen always come before the Ambulance and paramedics? (They have EMT's on every firetruck and all of the same equipment to do everything an ambulance can except transport)
6) Do you feel sad when you see someone hurt? (yes, but usually they can help them, and that makes them happy!)
7) Can we ride the fire pole? (LOL they want a fire pole, too!)
8) Can we go in the firetruck? (Absolutely!)
9) Do you ever get lost going to a house? (no)
10) What happens if you get two calls at once? (the next closest crew goes to the second call)

And, I just have to share this video of our Basketball Team!

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mark said...

Your kids are so amazing and cute! I can't imagine how proud you are of them! Thanks for sharing your life with us.