Sunday, July 10, 2011


I very recently discovered Beignets, specifically Marnier Beignets. The day before Benny left on his trip to Salt Lake, I introduced him to my sinful delight. This is what he had to say about Beignets...

This is Fine Dining for us! Colttera's only serves these delicious creations for weekend brunch, however, the chef was kind enough to make a special batch the night before just for us!
Did you hear that laugh?? Priceless...

I have been wanting to post all week about our fun in the lake last Sunday, and fireworks. It was a very weird week, I can't explain it...just a weird one.

This conversation with my clever boy in preparation of his week with Auntie Chantee and Baby Sophia says it best:
Me: You know, son, it can be hard living with a baby.
Benny: And it can be hard, too, living with a girl with seizures, right mom?
Me: What do you mean?
Benny: Measuring and making all her food right, getting her to eat it all at the right times, remembering all of her medicines, testing her pee morning and night, watching her all the time, remembering her helmet, remembering her life jacket
(I smiled)
Benny: That's hard for you to remember all that mom. Oh, and when she acts weird...

I poked his expanding belly, we laughed and hugged.

It was a bit enlightening to hear from my almost seven-year-old, basically that I have a lot of responsibilities and we are definitely in this together. He didn't even mention all of the non-seizure-related parenting stuff I do. Do you ever do so much in your life, have so many responsibilities, that you don't even know it yourself, or why you are drawing closer and closer to the C-R-A-C-K-I-N-G point?  Alas!  I shant take all the credit...Buck, best friend/assistant/VIFM (Very Important Family Member) shares in all of this daily kid stuff...

I honestly don't know what happened last week. I do know that I had to race things to camp three times last week after discovering mere minutes after Desty left that I had forgotten to do or pack them.

I'm a tired mommy...someday....oh, someday, she'll be stable enough to go to Auntie Chan's for a week, or something...

Chantee and I actually considered a "Destiny week" this week: I would make and label all of her meals, meds, urine strips, etc., and Chan totally has all my faith. I decided against it, though, because if Desty had a bad day or anything strange happened, it would be very bad if I were 525 miles away. Too soon. Way too soon.

Last post I promised to blog of our fun adventures, but to Keep It Real, Dawg, I'm not in the mood tonight. Today was a good, enjoyable day -- I'm really having fun with one-on-one time with my Fairy Daughter :-). Friday and Saturday were fairly challenging as we dropped Benny off in Grand Junction, CO, and got our first taste of traveling with our new lifestyle. Mistakes were made; it got a bit hairy and was really much longer than I ever expected but I now know how to plan for our next go.

I want to share this enlightenment, and start fresh with a more uplifting and fun post in the next couple of days.


Annie said...

Wow! Check out Benny's hair! :) That was a cute video! Sounds like life is busy busy but that you're making happy memories! I hope Desty's diet is going well!

Destiny Ann said...

Thanks, Annie!

Yes, biiizzz-zzzeeeeeee!

The Diet is working great (for the most part!). I just hafta be 120% all ALL the time or things start escaping our little cosmos!