Friday, July 15, 2011


...and I'm Damn Proud!

This is MY Girl, my Destiny! She cracks me up all the time, too! I'd say this is a 'Great Desty Day' - not the 'Best Desty Day', but a Great One. And I'll take anything from a 'Good Desty Day' up at this point.Being on this new alternative treatment, 'Okay Desty Days' tend to be very anxiety-inducing, as I anticipate a 'Bad Desty Day' in which I pull my Dr. Badge out.

What say you?

I could drag you all through my crap this week and last week and the week before and the week before that to get our Keto Team (HA - do two nurses make a team?) to be responsive and give me access to food options and answer basic medical questions. But I won't! Because I love you! The only thing noteworthy, is that when united, fellow people of the world....I do declare..........
We Are The Champions, and We'll Keep On Fighting 'Til The End 
(for our Kids!)
I won this one, and as simple as a Keto Calculator and a urine analysis to rule out kidney stones may seem, both are paramount in the life of this 5 year old child. A child, who before this magic food, had lost her ability to count even to four, stay in a standing position and speak in full sentences much of the time. This is what I'm talking about. Destiny Ann Burton is one of the champions of my world.


Nicole Villas said...

This makes me SO happy, Tammy! Destiny is amazing, and so are you. I am following your diet journey and hoping both of your successes with it continue.

Vanessa F. said...

I just cried a happy tear. I love you and Destiny SO MUCH!