Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Destiny Flies!

My children's wishes really excite me!  I have Benny and Destiny convinced that they can tell their mama their wish and it still may come true.  Months pass and we still talk about wishes made and how we never know when they might come true.  One day a Lego shows up in the refrigerator or Ming-Ming is found napping on Desty's bed.

This is how I get my kicks! ;-)

Then I got kicked!

A few weeks ago, Desty wished she could FLY!  She jumped off beds, chairs, ladders, me, other people...She tried to fly with capes and angel wings.  This lasted for a few (frightening! ;-) days, and then she finally came to me in a half-cry defeated state, "Mommy, I'm never gonna be able to fly, am I?"  Just squeeze all the blood outta my heart!  So, I did what I always do when I don't know what to do...I Facebooked it!  I have hundreds of wise friends to call upon in these moments of desperation...

And, thus, it came to pass, that on June 19th, Destiny Ann 'flew' at Heritage Square Amusement Park and had a blast!

Notice the death grip I have on her here......that's because she would have taken flying to a new level as the lap bar was several inches above her little legs.  I wasn't a happy dragon rider...

On the Ferris Wheel she said, "Mom, it feels like you and me are in Heaven!"
The Ferris Wheel has always been one of my favorites, especially at Heritage Square...It's nestled in the foothills with an old-style Wild West/ Victorian theme - just a beautiful, peaceful scenery all the way around!  And such a contrast from the big town thrill parks!

It was a fun adventure!  Despite constantly pouring water all over my girl, though, she got heat stroke after only three rides, and of course, clusters followed.  We were quite hot, disappointed and heading out when something magnificent happened...the skies became a little dark and we heard roars of thunder in the distance.  While others groaned, we shouted for joy!
Blessed Be The Rain!

In 30 minutes, Destiny was a new woman thanks to the sudden cool weather!  And she went for another hour until the lightening was way too close and the rides shut down.

I really must break down and buy a Cooling Vest for Destiny NOW!  She could be doing so much better without the heat.  I long for winter...Hopefully she won't be sensitive to the cold, too!  We'll see!

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T. and the MT Pug Pack said...

I'm so happy Desty got to fly! It looks like you all had a wonderful day and yes, blessed be the rain!