Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stayin' Alive

The title says it all...We are sickos, have been for three + weeks. It began with Benny - LOL - everything begins with our boy, doesn't it?! Ugh...His annual seven month hack has returned. But, because of this, a three year mystery has been solved....Benny is not just a really baaaaaaaaaad sleeper! He has aggressive night terrors, coupled by nocturnal "seizure-like"activity. Frew.....When he is sick, his sleep problems are frequent and intensified. The good news is now we know how to help him, and us, to get through it. He will grow out of it.

The hack continues. He coughs so hard he vomits. Put night terrors (where we're not supposed to wake him up) with a violent cough and it spells:
But that's just the brink of it.

Then mommy breaks out in hives, and is rushed to the ER for a magic shot. Cause unknown.

A few days later, add a fever to Benny's cough.

The following night Desty breaks out in hives and visits the ER. Cause unknown.

The next day, Desty appeared fine. Just before 7p.m. my baby girl collapsed into her daddy's arms and had a seizure for five + minutes, and forty minute recovery. As the medics were prepping to take Desty to the ER, Benny was barfing all over the neighbor. Dustin went in the ambulance; I chased behind in my wheelchair. The ER chalked it up to a febrile seizure and released her. Since then, her fever has been on and off, she now has a bad cough, and now we are all sickos.

Finally, a nurse practitioner listened to us yesterday and now both kids are on antibiotics, and Desty has a referral to a neurologist, because, in her opinion, Desty's seizure lasted too long to be a typical febrile seizure. In my opinion, Benny has needed a neuro for a long time....Think Benny could be passed off as Desty's conjoined twin? no, probably not!

While all of this was happening, we discovered a poisonous plant, Mertle Spurge, all over our yard.

It has been wild at the Burton house! Desty's 3rd birthday celebration has been posponed until we are up to partying. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy Halloween.

We are going to have the cleanest carpets, as we invested in our own Carpet Shampooer, just in case something is being tracked in.

And last but not least, we are investing in a lifestyle change:


It's not a big deal; i.e. the baby bath and bubbles are heavenly soft, the oatmeal soap is glorious and we looooooove Mari, my dear friend, and Mari's Magic butter salve. We will work on the food when they make a natural Dr. Pepper that tastes like the real thing! ;-)

The Bee Gees come to mind of late.........


Holly G said...

Well--on the bright side, you write a mighty funny blog post about the Burton travails. You're so good-natured, Tammy. I love it :). I hope you all feel better very soon.

Anonymous said...

Sending loads of healing thoughts and love from our house to yours. Having sick kids is hard enough but when mommy doesn't feel well either it is 10X harder! Wish I was closer to lend a hand.

Love ya bunches!!


Mari said...

Thank all things blessed that we don't have to weather these things alone.

AND we can laugh as much and as heartily as you do. You're a wonderful role model and mother, my dear friend.

And MARI magic loves you too.

Arms around,


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well! I have been down with a nasty bladder infection.