Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Many Colors of the Colorado Rockets

...a great opportunity to support a DYNOMITE new team, an inspirational and aspiring artist, and to get a headstart on your Christmas shopping for as little as $20.00! It couldn't be simpler!

PURCHASE Kane's ARTWORK to support POWER SOCCER in COLORADO! Kane, a local artist and Colorado Rockets player, is generously donating 100% of all art sales for the next 30 or so days to the Colorado Rockets. Order an 8 X 10 print or a box of cards from the web (mention POWER SOCCER in Comments during check-out) or order directly from me.

If you purchase directly from me, it will be discounted...

My prices (shipping donated by myself):
A package of ten cards is $30 (on the web $40 + shipping)
8 X 10 print is $20 (on the web $25 + shipping)

If every one of my readers were to buy one 8 X 10, the Rockets would make $2,100!




Sophie Marie said...

Dear Santa,
I would like "Good Day Sunshine" because I really like the Sun and also "Polly" because I really like birds! Also please give me a package of the cards if it's not too much trouble. I would like to send the beautiful pictures to my friends all through the year.

Thank You very much. I have been mostly good this year so far except that I scratch or bite my mom.

Dustin said...

Kane is currently working on a logo/artwork to represent Colorado Rockets. I hear it may be unveiled this Sunday October, 19th at practice! I have not seen the logo yet but I know early ideas were to include a wheelchair with flames blasting and a big red "C" (from the Colorado flag) incorporated into the wheel of the chair. It's gonna be real cool - just like all his other artwork.

Please consider purchasing some of Kane's artwork - this is a great way to help the Colorado Rockets blast off! And a great deal on the artwork of Kane Fisher. Check out his site, read his bio, look at what he has painted, then contact Tammy to place your order.

This is Kane's business. He is very very very generous to donate all purchases for about one month to the Colorado Rockets! After this promotion, please remember for gifts and as a suggestion to others.


Don't miss Practice Sunday October 19th 3-5 PM East Boulder Rec Center! Visitors and New Players are always welcome!

Dustin said...

Remember to make checks payable to Glory Peace Colors (3 words).

If anyone does make a purchase through in the next 30 days or so, be sure to write POWER SOCCER in the comments!

You will save over $10 per item off online prices if you order directly from Tammy or any other member of Colorado Rockets!

Next Practice is Sunday, November 2nd! 2-5 PM at the East Boulder Rec Center.
Please invite everyone who uses a motorized wheelchair! Contact Tammy if you need flyers.

P.S. the Colorado Rockets Logo has been completed, unveiled and voted upon!

Dustin said...

UPDATE FYI: This Offer has been extended through the end of 2008! Artwork make great gifts! We now have a framed 8x10 of a lighthouse by Kane hanging in our living room!

As a reminder, a package of 10 assorted cards is $30 , 8x10 prints are $20 each and FREE SHIPPING! 100% of sales support the Colorado Rockets - Colorado's only Power Soccer team!