Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Looooooove Sunflower Preschool

Where's Benny?!

In the YELLOW and BLACK jacket in front of the trailer!

Today was Benny's first field-trip - EVER! Sunflower Preschool went to Munson's Farm for a fun-filled morning of hay rides, pumpkin picking and a picnic. While we did not volunteer as a driver, we were not gonna miss out. AND though Desty couldn't go on the hay ride, she did get the wildest mommy ride of her life as we followed behind it!

LOL Benny started at Sunflower Preschool in August and I do believe --> 'tiz the PERFECT fit! Benny is having so much fuuuuun and learning and growing, and he loves all his teachers, too. The curriculum never ceases to amaze me! The teachers are great with Benny, and all communicate very well with me, which is definitely key. Benny does struggle - he's quite the 'Big Boss Man' at Sunflower - but the teachers deal with it appropriately and continue to nurture him and seem to really enjoy him. And frequent reports confirm that he's improving in the bossy pants area.

My Facebook update reads: Tammy LOOOOVES Sunflower Preschool and is fighting urges to poo bomb Benny's old nazi preschool.

LOLOL Sorry, I am mad that it seems we get what we pay for in education. Even if Benny actually had a great teacher last year, the difference between a public school environment versus private is disgusting. Vote major school reform! Kids are worth it!

I'm just sooooooo...

to have found Sunflower!

:-) Tonight at dinner, Benny said, "Mom and Dad, remember when we went to the cemetary in Washington DC? When can we go back and see the dead people again?"

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