Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hellooooooooo! I am alive! This is my first work of substance since being down for the count, so it should be interesting. My thoughts and feelings are scattered today as I proceed to re-group.

Yesterday I thanked my new nurse practitioner for probably saving my life last Friday. But, today I thank my very funny Robin-friend (LOLOL)for caring enough to force me to think about my health. She nags like crazy...Her nagging forced me to make the doctors appointment. Good thing because one hour before the appointment, my oxygen level dropped. It was scary, and I am one lucky Radical Mom On WheelZ!

I must laugh as I reflect on what a big deal I was at the hospital. We love Boulder, but I do think I will look into Denver for health care. A little confidence from the providers is comforting to the patient...They were either going to pic line me or send me home. LOL I opted for home. Monday I did wonder if I made the right decision, but now I'm sure I did. Every day gets a little easier.

I was devastated to miss Halloween with my kids, I'm still sad, but I am thrilled that they had a blast! Check out the album........


Julie, Bonnie and Lowell took great care of the kids, so that Dustin could stay with me all fifty hours at the hospital.

Luckily, by Friday the kid's antibiotics had them feeling a ton better, and they got a good night's sleep.

Many friends are asking about graduation...I am still rolling at commencement on December 13th, but I'll finish my final class during the first eight weeks of Spring. It sucks for us, but the hospital refused to release me to go to class :-)~ Just kidding! The program that I'm in, because it is a crash program, is very strict and the professor dropped me when I did not show. I'm okay with it - I need a break, and the professor was rude to me anyway.

With Benny back in school, and me stuck on my caboose, Desty is getting loads of motherly attention.....LOLOL POOR GIRL! We had a Princess morning, and I'm ready to get her an agent!

Regarding the election, I will leave it at:

We shall NOT be McFrozen!


Dustin said...

That professor is Mr. Magoo in real life! I had to sit through his classes w/ Tammy and can personally verify that his lectures are boring, his assignments are repetitive, and his visuals are outdated. Tammy asked how to create a pie chart/ bar graph using a computer program, and he couldn't answer. Another student had to explain how to use Excel to create charts. Tammy usually was able to email assignments to professors, but being technology deficient, this professor could hardly use email. He really should retire. The main topic was arranging breakfast for the last day of class (which ended up being nasty). The most interesting part of class was when the students got to do their presentations. I loved when Tammy asked a fellow classmate doing a presentation about the Reunion Developement near DIA, if there were plans to include low-income housing in the development - that really caught him by surprise!

As for the election, I find it interesting that John McCain wanted to go through and Freeze government spending line by line, yet he couldn't control the shopping & spending of his Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin!

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama, the next First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and their two adorable children (not to mention the puppy) who will make The White House home in January!

Holly G said...

Hi Tammy--
I'm relieved to read that you and the adorable kids (not to mention Dustin) are doing a little better. Amen to not being "mcfrozen."

mark said...

Glad your back on your feet or I mean your wheels :-)