Sunday, December 7, 2008

On the Court

After a long silence, The Life and Times of a Mom On WheelZ is ressurected! I have much to say in the coming weeks, but today, I wish to pay tribute the GREATEST SPORT OF ALL TIME - the one, the only

We are the

Some of us have been kickin' balls since September; others joined the team more recently. We all love the sport and are commited to the team.

Check out these clips from our latest practice...

(This is my favorite Scrimmage clip because the ball is in play for so long, and every player touched the ball)

(Coach Ashley gives us the station scoop)

Coordinating Power Soccer has been very different than any other organizing I have ever done. The only support we get is some advertising and free gym time through Boulder Parks and Rec. Considering the cost of one hour of gym time averages $80-$120, this is something to be grateful for! The problem is getting consistent gym time. The courts at Boulder's Rec Center are like merchandise on Black Friday. Ideally Power Soccer teams practice on a weekly basis from 2-3 hours per session. A consistent schedule (day and times) is very helpful to the development and ongoing success of any team. We have practiced twice a month since September, but have no dates in January, and two weekdays in February. Weekend practice time in the late morning or afternoon is generally best for power soccer athletes. This accommodates athletes with jobs, long attendant routines and/or extended travel time, and so allows for the greatest potential numbers to participate. I have spent hours and hours and more hours approaching gyms in the Denver Metro area only to get thoroughly frustrated, and discouraged.

LET FACE IT - I am not the stereotypical athlete - even disabled athlete. City adaptive rec directors think I'm crazy - period. I have been blatantly disregarded, and lied to in numerous instances. One person even went out of her way to hide from me - kinda hillariously. It's been reeeaaal fun! ;-) Imagine if I was asking for a free gym! LOLOL I'm not! I can only assume these folks think I lead a very boring life to be making this stuff up!

To rent a school gym, there must be a student on the team, but it's outragiously expensive...

I laugh because going into this, I expected our biggest challenge to be getting and maintaining the equipment. We are verrrrrry lucky to have a volunteer engineer who can do magic in record time - he's unbelievable! I have footguards coming out my ears.

We have terrific coaches and volunteers!

Colorado ROCKETS totally ROCK!

The whole team is working on getting a gym now...WE WILL GET A GYM!

Over 45 teams in the US have made it work. We can too!


Dustin said...

The Colorado Rockets could use your support! Could you use a gift idea?

See the October 15th post of this blog: The Many Colors of the Colorado Rockets. Original artwork by one of our players is still available! This is currently the only fundraiser for Colorado Power Soccer and it's ending after December! Free Shipping! Please check it out and make a purchase if you can! GO ROCKETS!

mark said...

Great clips! You guys kick ass :-)