Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desty's First Day!

Today was Desty's first day of her Kindergarten Adventure!!!! It was absolutely wonderful, I tell 'ya! We were scheduled to begin next Monday, but she was having trouble waiting, watching me create her curriculum, and I was having trouble because she was...Thus, we began! (Don't ask me when I'm gonna have time to continue my plan!)

This is Destiny playing "A-E Driveway Hop"!
She practiced her capitalized "A's", we talked about "Alligators", "Apples", "Airplanes", "Ants" and pronounced different "A" sounds. We're going to focus on the letter "A" for three days, then "B", "C", "D" and "E" for three days each, and then we will spend a week reviewing letters "A" through "E".

We began our rainforest section. Can you believe my daughter knows that birds and monkeys live in the Emergent, and the Canopy is the roof of the rainforest?! I didn't even know that until three days ago! On a 3 foot piece of banner paper, we are creating a rainforest of our own. Today, Desty and Buck began by making grass for the rainforest, trees and flowers. This is going to be a week and a half long project, and we are going on a couple of field trips to experience the climate and some of the creatures that live there.

Here's some Magic for you: We are awaiting the arrival of catapillers so that we can raise butterflies. The habitat was out on our kitchen table while Destiny and I were watching Pocahontas. Apparently, a butterfly landed inside of the net, and Buck quickly zipped it closed. He brought it downstairs to us, but I didn't notice our beautiful friend in it for a good half hour...At which point I screamed like......Benny (LOL) until I figured out what the heck was going on!

This is a cute video of Desty trying to set our new butterfly-friend free.Sorry about the rotation, ladies and gents!

When we wrapped up our school day, you'd think I broke Desty's heart. If she still feels the same about the end of lessons in eight months, life will be goooood! ;-)

"I'd rather die tomorrow than to live a hundred years without knowing you."
-John Smith to Pocahontas

My sentiments exactly....

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Donna W. said...

T is for Tammy and Teacher. You're raising quite the remarkable daughter. Way to go mom!