Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Dustin and I began writing down and collecting Benny and Desty quotes several months ago. Dustin has posted them on Facebook, but I want to post 'em here too, for everyone's ennjoyment. This is just a short sample from our collection.

HAPPY 4th to you!!

Benny said "Mommy I think I know how your hip got hurt. When you drink Dr.Pepper, it goes down your throat - all the way down - and stays in your hips and that's how your hip got hurt."

"Cheesecake! Cheesecake makes my tummy laugh!" - Destiny

Destiny: Talking tummies are Tummy Dums
Benny: You said a bad word - Tummy DUM!

"Some tummies talk and some don't. I call talking tummies 'Tummy Dums' and I have a Tummy Dum. Part of the name is a half bad word - Tummy DUM" - Destiny

Benny: "Hey, Mom, you know what? WE DRINK MILK FROM COW PEEEEEEEE!"

Destiny: My Leg Hurts
Mommy: Like Mommy?
Destiny: Uh huh
Mommy: Did you have a surgery?
Destiny: Not yet.

Benny: "Hey, Mom, you know what? WE DRINK MILK FROM COW PEEEEEEEE!"

On St. Patricks Day
Benny: Pick out Green!
Destiny: No - Because Mommy Loves Me the way I am (she wanted to wear pink)

Benny: I don't want chicken strips.
Daddy: But these are chicken fingers.
Benny: Chicken Fingers! (runs to kitchen table to eat)

Daddy to Benny: It's not a roll - it's Garlic Bread
Destiny Interjects: There's a spider named Garlic Bread (Charlotte's Web)

"Mom, I want to be a baby again in your tummy and when I come out - I want a Pink Luvy!" - Destiny (Benny gave her a yellow luvy doll at the hospital when she was born)

Mommy: Destiny, do you have a brain?
Destiny: Yes, it's right here. (points to leg)
Mommy: Mine's in my head.
Destiny: Ha! Mine's inside my cheek!

"Daddy, this elephant needs to go potty" - Destiny

"I'm a people-changing dog. Did you know that? In just a minute, I'm gonna turn back into a bad dog." - Benny

"Mom! The dog's gonna scratch your hip!" - Destiny when Benny was playing like a dog

"I Love you Higher than Pluto. Higher!"
- Benny, who was studying space and planets at Sunflower Preschool

"I found this in your room - so it's mine!" - Destiny

"Chomp starts with Chomper." - Destiny
(Chomper is a young T-Rex on The Land Before Time cartoon series)

"I wish you had a Better Brain, Mom! You just Forget. Forget. Forget. Forget." - Benny

Mommy: I love you Darling!
Destiny: I'm not a Doggie, Silly!
Mommy: I love you Darling!
Destiny: I'm not a Dolly, I'm Desty, the Daughter!

Benny: Do you remember when we went to the Cemetary?
Daddy: Arlington Cemetary?
Benny: Yeah. When can we go back and see the Dead People?

Daddy: Be Careful not to step on Mom!
Destiny: I didn't - I stepped on Myself!

Each day, Destiny likes to tell us about the dreams she had the previous night, here is one instance:
"The Soldiers attacked my leg and that's how my leg got hurt Like Mom."
"I was in my Dream, and you weren't - you stayed Home."

"I'm never going to school again, Until I Die!" - Benny

"Huh?" - Destiny

"What?" - Destiny

"Get That Cat Out!" - Destiny, so angry she shakes

"There was a Poopy in the Potty and I tried to Pee it Down." - Benny

Daddy: How did your room get this messy Destiny?
Destiny: A Monster did it!

Daddy: You need to keep that icepack on there for a while so the bump & swelling will stay down.
Destiny: I want it to stay up!


denversmommy said...

very funny--thanks for sharing

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hilarious :) It doesn't get much better than that.