Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cute and Sporty Kiddos

Benny was born a Kicker. Those of you that were close to me durinng my pregnancy with him may recall him practicing Goalie Kicks on my right ribcage for months. It's true, it was insane and painful, but it became a beloved pain of security - On the rare days he needed to rest, you could find me at the birthing center, hooked up to the monitor, listening to his heartbeat, watching his heart and movements on the strips the machine spit out. As I think about it, Benny and Desty's temperments were evident from the get-go. Desty enjoyed tender moments, teasing me with spurts of soft baby movements. I swear she was in there rolling, floating to the sounds of bubblies and her garbles, intentionally tickling me with her long toes! At first, I was quite disconforted by her reserved approach of contacting me. In the beginning, in fact, I feared something was wrong with Desty. After some reassurance though, I enjoyed our tender moments together, and I came to really appreciate the lack of abuse she expelled in me. Part of it might be that I was so tired and distracted from keeping up with "the time bomb" (as his daddy lovingly called infant/tot Benny), Desty knew that the best tactic was Hard To Get!

Mommy-Tangent! Oh well, that's what this blog is all about, right?! :-)

Benny's been wanting to play soccer for a long time. I was determined to get him into some kind of soccer program this summer. Unfortunately, I fell short after attempting to fill out a YMCA Soccer Camp application. It required the same verifications as does our Section 8 (housing subsidy) recert. Lacking the time and energy to go through all that, and still pay too much for four mornings of a 45-minute 'Soccer Camp', I threw in the towel.

It was my Assistant's idea and resources that got me back in the ring, but more importantly, Benny into cleats. She comes with a posse of athletes, and one of her friends' agreed to give Benny some soccer lessons. This clip is from Benny's 2nd lesson...check out his perfected Goalie Kick!

Here is a little Benny Soccer album, dedicated to his Mee-Maw, and her soccer-clan, and also to the Cutler's who recently took us to a competitive game ;-)

Now the great soccer news! Desperate to get Benny in a program in the fall, I decided to take a stab at Boulder's NOVA, a soccer club that I've heard has great Junior program. The financial application was one page - no $ info, just questions like, "why do you want your child to play soccer?", and "which of these programs are you on?..."! I hand-delivered it on Friday, and within minutes, rolled away with a full scholarship for Benny - probably for as long as he shall live! Soccer Mom SCORE!!! Honestly, in a time when everything seems like a battle - it lifts my spirits when something is so easy.

Thank you NOVA SOCER CLUB! Benny will be placed on a kindergarten team in two weeks, then play on his own school field in the fall.

And finally, on Wednesday, Benny was allowed to participate in Slide-Time with Desty's swimming class. Watch Big Brother in Action!

Funny, he's so protective of his kid-sister at activities like this, but at home, she needs protection from him!


Lois Cutler said...

How fun!! Benny you look like a good soccer player. Have lot's of fun. And Desty, what a good swimmer. Good job!!

Dallice M Tylee said...

I love the little video of Benny holding Desty!

mark said...

Beautiful little souls your children are. Benny is getting so big and I'm sure he'll make a fantastic soccer player when he grows up!

Peggy said...

Wow! Congratulations Benny! You will totally rock the soccer field!