Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Intimate Moment with Tammy's Newest Hip

This is what I'm recovering from...

This is only half of it. What you can't see is my hip and buttock covered in black and blue bruise.


T. and the MT Pug Pack said...

WOW!!! Ouch! That's quite the incision. It looks good though, not red or nasty looking. That's a good thing. Now you'll be symmetrical again...matching scars!

Love ya lots...the new and improved "semi-bionic" Taminator!


blatnick said...

Yo Hawk- this inconvenience will payoff big 4U- keep pushing on! I'm considering a shoulder replacement- hmmm. Good to see the red tailed hawk doing so very well.
Take care, Mike Blatnick