Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cool Video

Hi everyone! I'm home and doing pretty well. I have a lot of pain but I'm doing much better than last time. I thank God everyday I only have two hips. Sometimes I need a bit of reminding why I did this to myself again. Remind me how kick ass my right leg is, any chance you get. LOL. The word "ass" is at the tip of my tongue lately, I wonder why! Maybe because mine is HUGE!

So, I've got a video for you all to watch. The funny thing about it is, the first time I watched it, I didn't even recognize myself! Now you can play "Where's Tammy?". Also, take note of the cool posters toward the beginning of the video. Dustin was the illustrator!

Fighting For The Community Choice Act from Alejandra Ospina on Vimeo.


Mari said...

Delighted to hear you are home. And yes, thank god for small miracles - like only two hips, lol! Now two bionic hips!

I LOVE the video!! (Tom Harkin is one of my favorite people in the world) I'd love to post that on my Fb page. How can I do that?

Arms around!


Unknown said...

Great song for the video. Great advocates for a great and just cause. FREE OUR PEOPLE! NOW!

JTP said...

cool video. Great cause. Posters and protesters look great :)