Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Take Chances and Get Messy!

Take chances and GET MESSY!!

That's what my daughter sang every time I came to check on her and her friend's "Magic Potion", on my counter, in my sink, on my floor...with EVERY spice and ingredient they could find!

No matter what anyone says, Destiny is absolutely BRILLIANT! She knew what I needed to hear to allow her and her lab assistant, Mila, to proceed with their experiment. Mrs. Frizzle has Desty's back!

Well, it's been quite an interesting several weeks!

Let me first show off some of my favorite things the kids have done in school lately...

Today we opened the Electronic Snap Circuit kit, and thus far Benny has made a lamp, a fan, a flying saucer, a quiet water siren, a fuse, a salt water detector, a multi-speed light fan, and now he's trying to build his own ideas.

This is a video clip Buck took shortly after he and Benny began the project - hours later, Benny knows much more about it than Buck or I do! (Sorry the camera is sideways here...)
Truly incredible!!

More amazing work today...

And last but not least...

Benny would only let me help him with the first couple of problems. He is planning to make his own equations tonight in bed!!

Baking Lesson (A.K.A "Patience Lesson")

Destiny rang the bell in her Homeschool Rock Climbing class, after a full night of seizures!!!

At Patchwork, these two guys are a riot! This is Benny and his friend, Cameron, playing together - Benny insists they don't have to do any "work"...he has no idea how much he really LEARNS by not "working"!!! Oh my goodness! - is he ever learning!

Check out Super Bunny!

Over the past few months, Super Bunny - oh, I mean Destiny! - and Mila have become good and frequent playmates. We live 2 houses away; her mom and I text when the girls need to release some energy and we're tired! A couple weeks ago, this was our front yard winter wonderland!

(Today their playdate was cut short because Destiny climbed a tree and got stuck...This child lately...turn your back for less than one minute, she has become a magnet to danger...)

Benny and I have had to struggle with some big topics recently, such as chores, the birds and the bees (we are reading IT'S SO AMAZING! right now, Ellen!!), and sadly, death, as we grieve the loss of a friend.

In a nutshell...

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