Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Benny spent the day on a wonderful playdate with a new friend and his new friend's father. He made this new friend at The Patchwork School, and this was his first playdate from his new school, so it was pretty special!

This evening, on my way out to my first Patchwork School "Learning Dialogue", I gave him three assignments to do before bed.

When I returned, my son handed me this report...

I hope you can read's pretty impressive!

We began studying Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 8th. Fortunately, Benny was so enthralled in the book, Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr., all 116 pages, before everything was put on halt on the 10th for Desty's five day hospital fiasco. He got so much out of it - he could actually imagine the sit-ins, the non-violent civil disobedience and the injustice of inequality - moseso because of his experience marching in Washington, DC and Chicago with ADAPT, and seeing those arrests. He'd get ecstatic over mention of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol.

His understanding made my heart swell!

And last night, we were finally able to watch "Martin's Big Words". He had to put MLK, Jr.'s quotes in chronological order.

Halfway through, he asked if we could watch it a second time!

We still have a MLK, Jr collage poster to do, and both Benny and Destiny will be making a "I Have A Dream Cloud" this week.

Desty began school the day after she was discharged. Check this out...

And on Tuesday, she went to Patchwork School for 1.5 hours and learned enough to drive!

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rchaswms said...

I recommend referring to Martin as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The use of the Reverend and Doctor were sometimes left out in mentioning Martin in the press to de-emphasize and ignore the accomplishments of this amazing African-American man. My parents had the fortune to be classmates of Martin's.

---Rich Williams